• Leave it all Behind...

    And step into the truly extraordinary.


    For nature lovers, this is paradise.


    Although largely undeveloped, Andros is the largest island in The Bahamas, and the fifth largest in the Caribbean region. In fact, although its population is less than 8,000, it is larger than all of the other islands of The Bahamas combined. Virtually all of its 2,300 square miles are chocked full of natural treasures. The Tongue of the Ocean, Andros Barrier Reef, miles of mangrove wetlands, and the world’s largest collection of blue holes combine to create a rich and unique environment of marine life and ecosystems waiting to be explored.

  • Andros Barrier Reef

    Home to over 160 different species of fish and other marine life, this 190 mile wonder is the third largest living organism on the planet! Although only eight feet deep on the inland side, the reef runs 6,000 feet into the Tongue of the Ocean on its outer side, and offers one of the most awe-inspiring dive experiences known to man.

    Uncle Charlie's Blue Hole

    Andros Island holds the world record for the largest number of blue holes per square mile. The most remarkable of these local natural wonders is Uncle Charlie's Blue Hole, also known as Little Frenchman Blue Hole. With a depth of 417 feet (127 metres), taking a plunge here is a once in a lifetime experience you won't want to miss!

    Seminole Indian Craft Market

    No visit to North Andros would be complete without a stop at the Seminole Indian Craft Market. Located in the settlement of Red Bays, here you will find many beautiful woodcarvings and unique thatch palm baskets, which showcase the skills area residents inherited from their Seminole Indian ancestors.

    Androsia Factory

    The Androsia handmade batik industry started in the 1960's as a creative way to boost the local economy. Today, a perfected art and booming industry on the island, Androsia is regarded as the national fabric of The Bahamas.

    Evan's Town Caves

    Located within walking distance of the resort, this rare opportunity to explore these privately owned caves is one you must take advantage of. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will gladly provide a guided tour.


    A true taste of island life


    Locals refer to the many little communities that are found on the island as settlements. Although each settlement has its own unique story and charm, our people are marked by their warm and friendly personalities. After a day of exploration, sit back and enjoy the slow-paced, laid-back lifestyle we Androsians enjoy.

  • Morgan's Bluff

    Views that will take your breath away

    As the highest point in North Andros, Morgan's Bluff offers breathtaking views of not only the Northeast and Northwest Providence Channels, but also the Tongue of the Ocean. Its waters are always calm and shallow making it the perfect family picnic site. While there, be sure to search for the hidden treasure in the cave of the infamous 17th century pirate, Sir Henry Morgan.

    San Andros

    From diving low to soaring high, there is something here for everyone

    After taking a dive in Uncle Charlie's Blue Hole, acquaint yourself with some of Andros' colorful feathered residents in their natural habitats.

    Mastic Point

    Seafood lover? It doesn't get fresher than this

    You're sure to work up an appetite after a day of fun and exploration. Mastic Point offers amazing sport fishing, bone fishing and crabbing opportunities.

    Conch Sound

    The perfect spot for a beach day getaway

    With its beautiful white sand beaches and unadulterated views, the waters of Conch Sound are what you envision when you close your eyes and dream of paradise.

    Lowe Sound

    Some of the best bone fishing in the region

    Lowe Sound offers some of the best bone fishing in the region. If you happen to visit during the Easter holiday, be sure to experience the White Cay Beach Entertainment event which is held every Good Friday.

    Red Bays

    Home to the only black Seminole Indians in The Bahamas

    Red Bays is home to the only tribe of black Seminole Indians in The Bahamas. It was founded in the 1800's when their ancestors fled from Florida during a period of violent Seminole wars. Today, the small village is known for its unique crafts and sustainable way of life.

  • A Video Tour of Andros Island

    Get a true appreciation of all that Andros has to offer even before you arrive

    This hour-long documentary provides fascinating facts and images about this unique and hidden island treasure. Well worth the watch, you will quickly come to understand why we hold that there is no place else on earth quite like Andros.